Q - Do I need to activate the air fresheners in order for them to work? 
No, you simply need to open the packet and place them in the area or place you would like to remove bad smells or odours.

Q - How long till the air fresheners start to work?
The bags start to work within 48 hours to help absorb and eliminate odours instead of masking them.

Q - Do the air fresheners give off any odour?  
No, the bags do not smell or omit any fragrance. Unlike normal air fresheners, Eco Allure air fresheners work to help purify the air to provide clean fresh air free of bad smells and odours.

Q - How long do the air freshener bags last? 
The bags can last for up to 1 year. After this time you can simply cut them open and spread them out over your garden. For optimum results, the bags should be placed in the sun every 1 - 2 months for around an hour to clean out existing odours the bag has drawn in. 

Q - Are the air fresheners harmful to pets? 
Absolutely not. The air fresheners will help eliminate bad pet odours and will not cause any harm to your pets.

Q - Are the air freshener bags 100% natural? 
Yes, the bags are 100% natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals or odours and are safe for use. They are perfect for allergy suffers and asthmatics and do not harm the environment.