FRUIT and vegetable saver 

The most heart wrenching decision we are regularly forced to make in the kitchen is throwing away uneaten fruit and vegetables. Not everything can be frozen and it can be a real challenge to balance meal preparation with certain fruit and vegetable life spoiling at different paces.

The average Australian Household discards approximately $1036* worth of food each year, with 33% of that fresh produce including fruit and vegetables. Take a quick peek in your bin now to see how much of your hard earned money you are losing each week?

You may notice that older fruit and vegetables often speed up the spoiling of new produce, but why does this happen? The science behind our challenge is Ethylene Gas - a substance released from spoiling fruit and vegetables. This naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas may be invisible to our senses but it unfortunately speeds up the spoiling of our new fruit and vegetable produce.

The easiest way to think about Ethylene Gas is that certain fruit and vegetables produce it, while other varieties of fruit and vegetables are affected by it.

Extend the life of your fruit and vegetables

So what can we do to help save more fruit and vegetables and prevent this rapid spoiling process?

Eco Allure – the Natural Air Freshener actually absorbs Ethylene Gas and extends the life of your fruit and vegetables by 2-3 days

Remember, even if you separate the fresh produce out from old produce, Ethylene Gas still circulates in your fridge. The only way to absorb this is with a natural air freshener pillow. Eco Allure is 100% natural, is made out of pure bamboo charcoal and contains no toxins or chemicals.  Save and extend the life of your fruit and vegetables by 2-3 by placing your order today.

Fruit and vegetable saver

Eco Allure  natural air freshener, comes in a pack of 2 x 50g bags and are perfect for use in the crisper or pantry. 

Preserve your fruit and vegetables freshness by 2-3 days. Place your order today.