The daily struggle to keep our kitchen smelling fresh and welcoming can be exhausting. Challenges we face include anything from battling garbage bags and recycling bins to storage and food preparation. If you’re tired of still being able to smell traces of fish, meats, onions, garlic or spices then the Eco Allure is the perfect solution.

The problem with our kitchen odours is they often remain even after the source has been removed. For example, after cooking a delicious fish meal, how long does the smell linger behind for? Eco Allure helps to speed up this dilemma, soaking up unpleasant smells using 100% natural absorbent properties.

Even more compelling, unlike chemical-based air fresheners the Eco Allure doesn’t require you to keep constantly spraying every hour. The Eco Allure natural air freshener is constantly working for you, allowing you the opportunity to actually enjoy spending time in your kitchen space again.   

Regulate LAUNDRY HumIdity 

With ever busier lives, we now rely on our laundries more than ever before. But successfully regulating humidity in our laundry rooms is often the greatest challenge we face.

Eco Allure is the perfect way to naturally remove moisture build up. While in the past we may have looked at electronic options, natural is always best and Eco Allure offers a staggering 1000m2 of absorbent surface area per gram of its bamboo charcoal structure. Your struggle with laundry humidity could soon be over.


One of the most popular benefits of using Eco Allure in the Bathroom is its ability to naturally remove odours and allergens. For too long, we have been forced to use horrid chemical based sprays and liquids to attempt to artificially keep our bathrooms feeling fresh.

Eco Allure is 100% natural, by using bamboo charcoal at its core, we can actually absorb allergens rather than just mask them. By going back to Mother Nature we can finally enjoy a naturally fresh odour free bathroom.

natural air freshener for your home

If you are looking for completely safe, healthy, scent-free air freshener and air purifying product, an Eco Allure multi-purpose 100% natural air freshener is the right solution for you. 

Purchase your own Eco Allure air freshener and enjoy fresh clean air in your own home.