Chemical exposure

Take a second and think about the chemicals your body is exposed to every day? A century ago we had mostly chemical free homes. Imagine a life without chemical based air fresheners and fewer chemical cleaning products being pumped into our living environments. We also had a lot less body fat compared to today’s average statistics, now with 55% of all Australian women overweight. So a reasonable question to be asked is there a connection between over exposure to these substances. Are modern day chemicals be making us fat?

Why household chemical products may increase your weight

Advice for preventing becoming overweight often focuses on a healthy diet with exercise and rightly so. However little information is available on the role and impact toxins from chemicals play on our body.  At home, the most common way we are affected by chemicals is inhalation and skin absorption.

Many of these chemical products create toxins known as Lipophilic, which means they are fat- soluble storing within our body’s fat tissue. Worse still, even if this body fat is burned away with exercise, some toxins can simply recirculate throughout the body. But how can we reduce this chemical overload in our modern lives in the first place?

How to minimise household chemical toxins on our body

1.     Use natural ingredient based products for cleaning whenever possible including lemon and herbs.

2.     Remove odours without chemicals by using a natural air freshener.

What toxins can the Eco Allure naturally target?

Thanks to its bamboo charcoal properties, Eco Allure can target some of the main pollutants; benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Our natural air freshener tackles benzene from kitchen detergents, trichloroethylene from adhesives or paints and formaldehyde which is often found in chemical cleaning products.  The Eco Allure does this using 100% natural resources, reducing the impact of chemicals on your body and your waistline.