How many chemicals are in your fruit and vegetables? 

Would you like to discover just how many chemicals are in your fruit and vegetables?  Many people are completely unaware that their everyday fruit and vegetables contains many different chemicals including some of Australia’s most popular produce. But why on earth do we have to suffer from a potential chemical toxic intake in the first place?

The core to this problem is something called a pesticide, often advertised a fruit and vegetable saver. Pesticides are sprayed over crops at various stages before harvest in an attempt to prevent pests such as small animals or plant species from harming the crop. The problem is, although rain and sprinklers may attempt to wash away these chemicals, most produce that reaches our homes still contains traces of such substances.

For example, recent research shows that almost all apples, peaches and nectarines contain at least one common pesticide. Potatoes are also another culprit, often covered in a number of chemicals during its length crop process. Other produce including certain peppers, strawberries and grapes may contain double-figure pesticides used to protect their delicate nature.

Solution to avoiding chemicals in fruit and vegetables

The first thing you can do to reduce the number of chemicals in your fruit and vegetables is to purchase fresh pesticide free organic produce only. While these are often more expensive, they do ensure that no chemicals or pesticides where used during the crop and harvest process.

If buying organic seems too expensive for your budget, then you can wash your current fruit and vegetables with Eco Allure. Eco Allure will help remove germs, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances from fresh fruit and vegetables.

To use Eco Allure to wash your produce, simply cut open and remove the bamboo charcoal from the bag. We recommend adding 1 – 2 large pieces of Eco Allure to a bowl of water and soak your fruit and vegetables for 10 – 15 minutes. The miracle here is that bamboo charcoal is highly effective with as much as 1000m2 of absorbent surface area. Perfect for soaking up pesticides, heavy metals and germs from your fruit and vegetables.  

Once you have cleaned your fruit and vegetables, we recommend following our guide on how to store your fruit and vegetables and be sure to use Eco Allure in your crisper to get 2-3 days more out of your fruit and vegetable produce.

So if you’re ready to get rid of the chemicals in your fruit and vegetables and help preserve them for longer then place your Eco Allure order today.