Chemicals in your home

Tired of chemicals dominating your home? After decades of over exposure to chemical based products, Australian consumers are now beginning to question the impact of such wares on our personal wellbeing. What if we could use chemical free solutions instead? Is it possible to use a natural air freshener as effectively as a chemical based air spray?

Returning our homes to a natural state

A major shift in our conscience is taking place across Australia, with many beginning to question just why our lives are invaded with chemical based products. Just what are we actually spraying into our environment in order to create that artificial smell? This revolution began more than a decade ago initially with food. Consumers were beginning to ask questions of what was actually in their prepacked meals. While some companies became more transparent and changed their ingredients, consumers soon started to ask what else was in other products they used such as perfumes, skincare and now household products.

Questions have also been raised by many environmental consultants, deeply concerned that chemical based cleaning products may interfere with our natural hormones. This could have a negative impact on our lives increasing risk of allergies, asthma and cause health problems such as nausea based headaches. The popular solution today is to find chemical free alternatives that are equally as affective. Natural is best is a belief that many Australians now feel is imperative to their health and happiness.  

Eco Allure – The Natural Air Freshener

The Eco Allure is the perfect chemical free alternative to spray air fresheners. Rather than simply masking the air with an artificial chemical smell, the Eco Allure actually absorbs the odour itself. Using a 100% natural bamboo charcoal resource which is highly effective and surprising cost effective. After decades of pumping chemicals into our family’s environment a true natural solution is now available. If you are ready to put the health of yourself and your family first, then order your own natural air freshener today.