Chemicals in everyday household items

Do you decorate your home with chemicals? Many Australians are unaware of just how many toxic chemicals can be found in their favourite household items. While retailers and commercials may constantly launch new household “essentials”, today we will explore some of the harmful toxic products we use every day and see if there are any natural alternatives.

Cleaning Products are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to household chemicals. Products including bleach, laundry detergents and oven cleaners all contain potential toxic chemicals. For example, bleach contains sodium hypochlorite which can harm your family’s skin. Also an irritant are non-ionic detergents often found in laundry rooms across the land. You may also discover potassium hydroxide in your oven cleaner, which gives off potentially lung damaging fumes, while toxic sulphuric acid can be found in most drain cleaners. But it’s not just the application of these based products that causes issues. 

These chemicals are not just potentially hazardous in use, there are now several health reports that link household chemicals to an increase in ongoing health issues, including allergies and asthma. Perhaps one of the most disturbing reports linked hyperactivity in children to those popular chemicals found in Australian homes. With the average Australian spending more time indoors than previous generations, this is a problem that won’t go away anytime soon.

Try nature instead of chemicals

Despite what the TV commercials may claim, chemical based products are not the only way to keep a clean and fresh home. There are natural chemical free options you can explore, for example try using lemon juice or lemon essential oil mixed with water instead of potential harmful bleach. As for obtaining a natural clean air experience, Eco Allure is the perfect chemical free air freshener for your home made out of 100% bamboo  charcoal.  By using bamboo charcoal instead of potentially toxic chemicals, you can finally free your home and your life from this vicious cycle.