Common Pet Odours

Sniff up. Now be honest, does your home smell of your pet? We love our cherished companions, they are part of our family. But despite the best of efforts to keep surfaces clean, spraying air chemicals and opening windows it can still feel difficult to completely remove pet odours from our homes.

In Winter, the challenge feels even greater with that latter option ruled out, trapping lingering odours for longer. The smelliest of our household pets are also Australia’s most popular, with dogs and cats among the top of the pong charts. But what causes this pet odour in the first place?

Why do our dogs and cats smell?

While a smelly dog maybe a happy dog, when this odour lingers behind within your living space it can be detrimental to your wellbeing. But what is causing this smell? Dog odours are usually perfectly natural, caused from activities such as rolling around outdoors or occasional excess hair. When this whiff becomes more noticeable, there may be a temptation to wash the dog more regularly to remove pet odours faster. But this can be counterproductive as over-bathing your pet can actually cause skin problems, especially if a PH neutralising shampoo is not used or your dog is not dried thoroughly.  

Cats have their own odour problems which are often also related to skin conditions. For example, the older a Cat becomes the less he or she can groom their fur which can result in a build-up of odour.  Cats may also struggle with dental hygiene problems regarding bacteria and bad breath, which is then likely transferred to their hair and skin due to their grooming process.

Solutions for Removing Pet Odours

If you thoroughly wash and dry your pet regularly, often the pet odours can still live on in fabrics and furniture around your home. Baking soda is an effective way of removing trapped odours from fabrics such as carpets, simply sprinkle some over the affected surface, leave overnight and vacuum away in the morning. This should remove fabric odour  build up.   

How Eco Allure can eliminate pet odours the natural way

Eco Allure is a completely natural air freshener that is also 100% Pet Friendly. By using genuine Bamboo Charcoal, Eco Allure absorbs your pet’s odours, cleaning and purifying the air in your home the natural way.

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