Ingredients in Air Fresheners

Do you know what is actually in your air freshener? While many Australians spray chemical based air fresheners into their family homes every day, few people truly know what is actually behind the false smell they experience. Today we will explore what actually goes into these branded aerosols and examine some of the strange sounding chemicals that many people unfortunately fail to understand.   

‘But my air freshener’s fragrance smells nice!’ This maybe you first thought when you consider your favourite air freshener brand, but you should know that this is actually a smart ‘trick’. Almost all of the current bestselling air fresheners have zero natural ingredients with regards to fragrance and is 100% made up of chemicals. The same way that certain junk foods may look appealing, the big question is what is actually behind the ingredients? 

If you have an air freshener nearby, have a look at look at the back of the can to see what is being pumped in to your home? You will likely see chemicals such as nitrogen, alcohol denats, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and other things you likely have never heard of. Now ask yourself are these ingredients advertised on the front of the can? The manufacturer is more likely going to have branded the design with a pretty floral pattern or a summer orchard scene, rather than an image of strange chemical laboratory.

Eco Allure is a 100% natural air freshener

If you are unsure about what you are peppering into your home every day, then why not give the Eco Allure a try? This natural air freshener uses bamboo charcoal which is chemical free and also a better way to actually absorb smells through natural carbon instead of masking smells with chemicals. Order your Eco Allure Natural Air Freshener today and say goodbye to all those unnecessary chemicals.