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Are you Eco Clean?

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Are you Eco Clean?

Cleaning Eco Friendly 

Cleaning naturally has never been so confusing. In Australia cleaning products are not required to disclose their full list of ingredients on their label.

With a large number of products on the market each claiming natural ingredients, how can you be so sure the products you are using are free from chemicals, toxins and synthetic fragrances?

With so much confusion on the supermarket shelves, it is best to avoid these solutions altogether and look for a more certain solution.

That’s why I love Ha-Ra cleaning products, they require no chemicals or toxins and are 100% fibre cleaning cloth. They clean without the use of products and work twice as fast to help clean your home in a way that is not only safe for you, but also for the environment.

Ha-Ra offers a range of products to suit all your cleaning needs including windows, bathrooms, kitchens and floors. They are tough on grease and dirt and work to remove stubborn stains without harming you or the environment.

Your exclusive offer 

If you are interested in trying out Ha-Ra, they are currently offering an exclusive offer of 15% off their chemical free cleaning solutions.

All you have to do is register on this link to receive 15% off any of their product range.





1 Comment